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Unique abstract contemporary art - Deer 2 Title: Deer 2

Close up of painting

Close up of painting

Size: 86cm x 45cm (34" x 18")

Price: 860USD / 5300RMB / 46440INR

Media: Oil on paper and canvas
Data produced: 2008-05-12

Artist Notes: This was painted when I was living in a very remote part of China on the Qinlian mountains. That area is inhabited by shepherds and is very sparsely populated. If you need some salt, you have to travel 20 kms to get it. It was so remote. It was a special experience in my life. The mountains have a mystic feel and I went through some unusual experiences. Thus, this is a special painting that I could not have done anywhere else.

Detective and Sidekick working through a complication.
Sidekick lying on couch.

Hitman Harry waiting for client.

Jennifer Anniston nude on couch.
Where is Jennifer Anniston?
She's in the potty. Will be back shortly.

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Approximate Mailing Cost
  Area  Cost
  China  50 rmb
  Americas  50 usd
  Europe  40 usd
  India  40 usd

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